Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Factors That Determine Effortless Processing Of Bail Bonds

In the first place, you must be asking,” Why I need a bail bond when I have got my family friends to stand in aid”. You are not wrong in your surmise. Never the less, when you are having an alternate option, which is more lucrative than, why not availing it. 

Bail bonds permit a person who has been detained against a particular criminal activity or accused of involving in some kind of offensive work, to be released without mortgaging his property or asset.
So you can say Oakland Bail Bonds are a relief. A professional bail bondsman is someone who is entrusted to take the defendant out charging a minimum amount from the Co signer and giving the bail amount from his pocket. 

When bail is availed
When someone is accused of involving in the criminal offense, he is kept behind the bars until he has a given a verdict. The moment his name is registered the defendant becomes eligible to obtain bail. May be he has to wait for 24 hours or more to earn his bail turn.  Bail is the certain amount of money settled by the court, submitting which the defendant can come out of prison. 


Bail is like release orders from bondage, with bail the defendant can get back to his normal life enjoy his liberty and freely move here and there, but whenever he will be sentenced to appear before the court he has to come into sight. If he skips one or misses the session for once there are chances that his bail money will be forfeited forever. Now if the defendant is arrested on a  Friday then he has to wait for two days or more to have his bail.

Bail Bond Company for the rescue
Although bail is something a lawyer always seeks for his client, but until unless the first hearing takes place availing bail is impossible. The judge decides whether the defendant is eligible for bail or not. Often in severe cases, bail is denied. If the defendant is not a flight risk and his/her bail is sanctioned, it is seen, often defendant’s family fails miserably to secure the amount.

The amount is set so high that they have to liquid most of their property to avail bail, however contacting reliable bail Bond Company saves them from strain and misery. However, Bail Bonds Oakland, CA can be availed without any stringency. They make sure that the bail amount is deposited and the client shows up on the settled day. 

Variables that set bail
Now you must be wondering who sets the bail bond amount and the variables that determine the bail amount. Well, it is the court which determines the bail bond amount and among the variables which determine what will be the amount are the kind of charge, the criminal background of the defendant, his social standing, his attitude.

 Now the bail bondsman can offer assistance and does submit the bail amount but in future if he feels something uncanny about the case he can anytime annul this bond. Now if a defendant skips a court session or jump bail, he will be held responsible and warranty will be issued against his name. The police and the bail bondsman both will be seeking the defendant, as he is now an offence to both of them. Until unless the client comes back the bail bondsman won’t get his bond back.

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